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“Take your partying seriously!”

Words: Andreas Rottenschlager

Lon Ballinger, who runs Webster Hall in New York, on what to do to avoid a hangover, clubbing culture and the magic of Manhattan nightlife

In the December issue of The Red Bulletin we showcase Manhattan’s most legendary nightclub. New York’s bohemian crowd have been partying in style at Webster Hall in the East Village for 130 years.

Bob Dylan made his first recording there, Al Capone supplied the booze for illegal drinking sessions and a young Skrillex burst the water pipes behind the bar with his thunderous beats. We asked the club’s owner, Lon Ballinger, 65, the best way to enjoy New York’s nightlife. Here are his five top tips. 

1. Be Tolerant

“New York City grew big because it has always been tolerant. No one cares what your background is here. Webster Hall embodies the spirit of New York City. Everyone is welcome at our club as long as they respect the other clubgoers.”

 Sei tolerant

Freedom, Tolerance, ­enjoyment: Webster Hall embodies the spirit of New York

© Bryan Kwon

2. Take Your Partying Seriously

“Nightlife fulfils an important social function; people need a place to go wild. All work and no fun wears you out, especially in a city like New York with a hard competitive edge. So I suggest regular partying.”

3. Enjoy The Magic

“Everyone who moves to New York thinks they’re in some way special. And anyone who can survive in this city probably is. People who make it here exude magic. You can feel that when you go out in New York.”

Webster Hall

© Bryan Kwon

4. Drink A Glass Of Water

“I’ve got over 40 years of nightlife experience behind me. This is my recipe for avoiding hangovers: drink a glass of water after every drink and eat properly before you go out. It sounds easy, because it is.”

5. Flirt Like There’s No Tomorrow

“Maybe there will be interactive video screens hanging up in clubs in 20 years’ time or we’ll be using new social media apps. But actually I don’t think all this technology is that important because clubs are about something else. Men and women want to meet, have fun and see what happens. That’s the core of nightlife. And that is never ever going to change.”

Flirte, was das Zeug hält
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12 2015

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