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Shanghai filmmaker CHENG LIANG on where to find boozy expats, the best steamed dumplings and the most unique bird market in the chinese megacity    

Cheng Liang

Director and producer Cheng Liang.  

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“What’s special about Shanghai? It’s a metropolis showing how modern and ancient Chinese society is,” says Cheng Liang, an up-and-coming director with a passion for bringing Shanghainese culture to the screen.

His silent short movie City Of Black And White has been viewed more than two million times on Chinese websites and he’s touting his next project, an adaptation of Lu Wenfu’s novel Gourmet, at the Cannes Film Festival. “As a former colonial city, Shanghai has always had a diverse atmosphere,” he says.

“And Western and Chinese culture have merged into a unique Shanghainese trait: pragmatic yet hedonistic.” Join Cheng on a tour of his top hometown haunts, then watch City Of Black And White online

Top Five: Cheng’s shanghai sights

1 Fuxing Park
2 Gaolan Road

“This French-style park reminds me of my youth. The greatest charm about it is its diversity: you meet all kinds of people there, from lovestruck youngsters to grandmothers doing Tai-Chi.”


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2 40 Bars on one Street​ 
Yongkang Road 

“A typical Shanghai street, with boozing expats and calm locals. I used to live here, and I chose my neighbour, a chic old lady, for the leading role in one of my films.”

Yongkang Road

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3 Riverside Mansion
400 North Suzhou Road

“This is my favourite old Colonial building in town. It lies next to the Suzhou river and is composed of British Art Deco style with a marvellous labyrinthine interior. There is a boutique hotel called Chai apartments inside, the rooms have a fantastic view.”

Vistas de Shanghái

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4 Wanshang Flower & Bird Market
417 South Xizang Road

“This is an eye-opener. I have visited a lot of flower and bird markets in China, but this one is the biggest and best. You can also watch crickets fight and fish for goldfish with scoops.”

Mercado de flores y aves

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5 Shanshan Steamed Dumplings
774 Xianxia Road

“A simple, hole-in-the-wall street restaurant. I always have breakfast here. The steamed dumplings are so much better than everywhere else. And the prices are hard to beat.

Shanshan Restaurant, en Shanghái

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Hai times

Shanghai from the inside



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