Sofi de la Torre on Las Palmas

Sofi de la Torre’s hometown tips 

Words: Andrew Swann 

Up-and-coming artist Sofi de la Torre reveals what to do, where to go and what to see in her hometown, Las Palmas

She writes her own music, shoots her own pictures, designs the artwork, edits the videos and takes care of styling. In a nutshell, Sofi de la Torre makes #Pop Done Right. Born in the Canary Islands but currently based in Berlin, the multi-talent returned to her roots to shoot the video to current single “Flex Your Way Out“ ft. Blackbear.

The Red Bulletin caught up with experimental artist to talk about the best corners of her hometown of Las Palmas, and why eating at a churrería is truly a party in itself! 

© YouTube // Sofi de la Torre

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THE RED BULLETIN: Where’s the best place to go for breakfast?

SOFI DE LA TORRE: Wherever you can find a good old fashioned sancocho canario. In case you’re wondering, that’s super salty fish typically served with boiled potatoes and mojo picón, which is a tradtional red spicy sauce from the Canary Islands. They also serve it with gofio which is toasted corn powder that they mix into a paste. The mixture often includes banana and it ends up being this crazy salty but delicious combination. Trust me, it’s fire! Fish for breakfast is not for everybody but if you’re adventurous it’s definitely worth a try. 

A hidden treasure not many people know about in your city?

Pop done right! I’ve been living away from home for the entirety of my music career, so most people over there aren’t familiar with my music. That’s a hidden treasure for sure (laughs.)

Sofi de la Torre on Las Palmas

Sofi is propelled by an unwavering sense of ambition, a love for burgers and a talent for taking the perfect selfie

The best place to go for a walk, to relax or to get a bit of nature?

Las Canteras on a summer afternoon. Best city beach ever!

What should people avoid in your city …

Touristy restaurants. To be honest, canarian cuisine is generally on point and you’re safe to go almost anywhere, but to get the really good stuff you should find the more run down places…they usually serve the best home made stuff. 

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A fun fact about your city not many people know…

It’s home to the best looking people in Spain!

It’s 5 am and you want to party more. Where do you go?

You go to a churrería for breakfast. Greasy churros with hot chocolate? That’s a party in itself!


If you’re into music, where should we be hanging out to get our vinyl fix?

That’s a tough question. There’s not much of a record store culture, but my dad does have a pretty sick vinyl collection at home from when he was younger. There are definitely some bangers in there. 

Two words which some up your city

Pio pio! That’s what we chant in support of our football team and it’s become the pride of all Las Palmas natives, including myself. 

© YouTube // Sofi de la Torre

What’s the city’s best club?

There’s this place called la azotea de benito. It isn’t really a club but it’s a super chill rooftop venue with views of the old part of the city. Good cocktails too! 

How should I get around the city?

Car for the most part, but walking is always a good option because the weather is always amazing. if you’re in a rush and can’t be bothered with parking then grab a cab, the drivers are always super friendly.

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