beer Yoga - Everything you need to know

Everything you need to know about beer yoga! 

Words: Julia Hofmann  

Yoga and beer? Think these two things have no place together in the same sentence? Think again. It turns out this is a growing trend around the world, so we at The Red Bulletin slipped into our best yoga pants and went in search of what all the fuss is about

Yoga poses like the downward dog, the tree and the warrior are out. Now it’s time for the drinking dog, tipsy tree and drunk warrior!  

People are slowly starting to greet their beer rather than the sun and the difficult push-up position is becoming the – almost – comfortable bar stool. What are we talking about? Beer yoga of course!

The new trend is taking over yoga groups around the world and it’ll no doubt prick the interest of beer-loving men who haven’t been able to find that killer reason just yet. 

Here’s what it’s all about 

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The name pretty much says it all. Beer yoga is about finding a higher state of being while also knocking back a few brewskies. The trend made its way to Europe by way of Burning Man in Nevada, USA. Berlin-based yoga trainer Jhula was surfing the internet when she saw it being practised at the festival and instantly saw the potential of it. Since then her class has caught on in a big way in the German capital, and there are more groups springing up all over the world.

Beer yoga is the big new trend

The idea of beer yoga is to stretch and bend your way to your beer, using the amber nectar as motivation to squeeze that little bit extra out of your body. The reward: a tasty sip of the good stuff.

The beer bottle itself doesn’t just make its way to your lips, it’s also put to good use as a balancing tool in many poses and is designed to help improve your core stability and balance. There’s nothing more motivating than watching good beer go to waste on multiple occasions to improve your stance and posture. 

But beer yoga isn’t about getting drunk; in fact, it’s very much the opposite. The main objective is to truly recognise the existence of your body and the beer itself. It’s about enjoying the taste and smell of the beer, how the flavours resonate with the relaxation that flows through your body and the enjoyment of taking a sip.

Beer yoga is therefore perfect for beer tasting evenings and beer connoisseurs looking to enjoy the taste of their favourite ales while doing all sorts of good things for your body like increasing your core strength, lowering stress levels, improving your brain function, and even upgrading your sexual performance. Two bottles of beer are usually consumed during one yoga session, with the participants choosing the beer themselves. 

Beer yoga is the big new trend

Drinking beer is a social affair, and so it’s no surprise that beer yoga has embraced this and created a lot of poses that require a second person to make it even more fun.

So don’t be worried the next time your loved one asks to join them at yoga. Just use the opportunity and bring them to a beer yoga class instead – you’ll win brownie points, get to knock a few brewskies back and work your way to a better, healthier and more relaxed you. 


Beer yoga is the perfect opportunity for beginners to get a ‘taste’ of yoga in a relaxed atmosphere. Beer bellies welcome! Cheers and Namaste!

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