Game Changers: Graphene

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It’s the material of the future. But that future is still some way off

The Red Bulletin presents Game Changers. The people, things and ideas that will change  our lives in 2016. 

Scientists are calling graphene the miracle material that will revolutionise the tech industry. Why? Because this single layer of carbon atoms is incredibly light and thinner than any other material on the planet. Thanks to graphene, we’ll be able to fold away or roll up the displays and touchscreens of the future. Microchips will become even smaller and 10,000 times faster than the chips we use today. There’s no doubt about it: the future belongs to graphene. 

But science is still looking for ways to mass-produce the stuff. When you consider that it usually takes about 40 years for any new material to get from the research lab to the market, it’s clear we’ll just have to sit back and watch as a little more time and money is ploughed into it. After all, we only discovered graphene’s miraculous powers about 10 years ago.

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Spider Silk



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