Why nudists are happier people

Why nudists are happier people

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Striptease under the trees? Going outdoors in the buff really is twice as fun

Clearly, nudist beaches are not for everyone. But according to a new study, being naked in the great outdoors can make us all a lot happier about ourselves. It was led by Dr Keon West, a psychologist at Goldsmiths, University of London, who found a correlation between the pursuit of outdoor activities in the nude and an individual’s life satisfaction and body confidence.

Feeling ready to strip off? Here’s why it’s worth letting it all hang out.

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Less clothes, more satisfaction 

If you feel the glowy warmth of nostalgia as you remember running around in the garden as a toddler minus your clothes, this probably isn’t a coincidence. In order to establish a correlation between nakedness and the perception of one’s own body, quality of life and self-confidence, all participants completed an online questionnaire. In it, they listed the frequency with which they take part in naturist outdoor activities and answered questions that ranked their self-confidence, quality of life and perception of their own body.

After evaluating the data, one thing became clear: the more time the respondents spent outdoors in the nude, the more positive the perception they had of their own body.

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Seeing others naked strengthens our own self-confidence

The results of the study suggest that seeing other naked people led the participants to having to higher self-awareness, as well as to greater satisfaction with their own lives. This is particularly interesting at a time when the media is teeming with photoshopped images of “perfect” celebrities that can make people feel worse about themselves.

One possible explanation was examined: do people who spend more time naked outdoors than others do so simply because they were confident about their body?

The answer: no. Therefore, anyone in search of an ego boost should seek out the nearest nudist beach, take off their clothes and marvel at “real” bodies!

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Go nude and feel better? It’s not quite so simple

To feel better in the long run, it’s not as simple as just shedding your layers and occasionally going streaking at a football match. The study shows that in order for long-term happiness, you should get naked regularly. The first step is difficult, so you should look for the support of a friend on your first couple of nude outings.

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