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A supercar aficionado falling in love with a hot hatch? Shmee ended up smitten…
Tim Burton, aka Shmee150

Tim Burton, aka Shmee150, is one of social media’s most-followed supercar connoisseurs. Now he brings that expertise to The Red Bulletin.

As the owner of a McLaren 675LT Spider, Ferrari FF and Porsche Cayman GT4, I don’t often drive cars like the Ford Focus RS, with real seats, rear doors and actual room inside. It’s too sensible, and yet, when I took this 345hp super-hot hatch to the Le Mans 24 Hours in the summer, I loved it.

It’s a menacing-looking eco-beast with monstrous twin tailpipes and a gaping maw of a front grille, and the 2.3-litre, four-cylinder engine with twin-scroll turbo – capable of 0-100kph in 4.7s – generates power to match. The ingenious AWD system can channel 70 per cent of available power to the rear wheels and 100 per cent of that torque to one side for improved cornering. A consequence of this torque vectoring is Drift Mode – activated at the touch of a button, it’ll blow your mind. 

Before that, there’s enjoyment to be had with the road-driving modes: Normal is quiet and comfortable; Sport picks up and keeps going, while Track feels more pointy – you’d only use it on an actual track, but it’s clearly set up for fun. And that was my impression of the Focus: it wants you to have fun and not fear its power, but it’s also an all-purpose vehicle. Like I said, I don’t often drive cars like this, but now I will. I was so impressed I bought one.

Here are five things I love about my new Ford Focus RS!

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