Angry Birds Movie

Angry Birds

Heralding a new era of violent, mobile game-based cinema that’s bad for children. Attack!

May 20, 2016 could be a date that changes Hollywood. That’s the day when The Angry Birds Movie, the first blockbuster based on a mobile game, opens in US cinemas.

We can be fairly confident that the film will be a blockbuster; an unbelievable two billion people have downloaded the game, so just a small fraction of that number would guarantee success at the box office.

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And if those angry little birdies reach impressive heights on what is traditionally the best opening weekend on the film calendar, we can expect further mobile game-based films to follow hot on their tail feathers. The scripts for Fruit Ninja, Doodle Jump and Candy Crush Saga are no doubt already taking up space on Hollywood hard drives.

Fruit Ninja

We would be very excited about the action-packed battle scenes in “Fruit Ninja”…

© YouTube // Fruit Ninja

Doodle Jump

Another candidate for a film version would be “Doodle Jump”. Boredom is nearly impossible in this movie…

© YouTube // Thecoolmathematician

Candy Crush Saga

Also to be a really exciting film - a “Candy Crush Saga” movie

© YouTube // Smosh Games

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