The Electric Pickle

Miami: The Electric Pickle

Photography: Andrea Steevens

A jewel among the pleasure palaces of Miami. Big DJs come in secret to play for love. Here, owner Tomas Cedia tells us more about the Club
The Electric Pickle
The Electric Pickle

2826 North Miami Avenue 
Miami, FL 33127, USA

Miami is a great party city, because…

Of the tropical heat. You feel like  you’re on permanent vacation. There’s a lack of seriousness, and everyone just wants to go out and party. 

The club’s name comes from…

I’m a big foodie, and the night before a meeting about the club, I was looking up pickling online, and came across a school science experiment using the salt in a pickle to conducting electricity. My business partners laughed and thought it was a joke. But I was like, “No, I think it’s so ridiculous that it could work. Once you hear it, you won’t forget it.” Plus, there’s innuendo.

This place is special, because…

Of the passion that goes into making it work. Every year people coming to Miami to open up new clubs. Their motive is to become rich and popular. We on the other hand, do things differently. The best DJs in the world know us and trust us. People like Seth Troxler drop in unannounced to play after their gigs in the bigger clubs.  

Around the disco ball, we have…

A bunch of small, old-style Las Vegas sign lights. All of the interior we put together ourselves. The walls are old wooden pallets we found at the dock. Our club isn’t about being shiny and glossy: with a 300 capacity, we want it to be warm and intimate.

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