Kriss Kyle 4K Style

Creativity and BMX pro Kriss Kyle go hand in hand. But in conquering the ever-changing course in his latest Red Bull Media House fi lm, Kaleidoscope, the Scottish rider found a vitalally in the 4K screen of the Xperia™ Z5 Premium.

Sony Experia z5

The New Xperia Z5 Premium 


Spiral walls, rollercoaster rails, the Big L and a curved wall… tackling these obstacles on a BMX poses a major challenge, even when you’re as good on a bike as Kyle. In Kaleidoscope, he nails it, performing a unique sequence of never-before-tried tricks.

Even the most talented BMX riders have to practise, though. And as Kyle himself says: “Filming my performance on the Xperia Z5 Premium was cool. The clarity of the 4K display helped me to see each split-second clearly when I played the footage back, helping me find ways to improve and innovate, and make some of my dream lines a reality.”

Making a 4K TRILUMINOS screen a reality in a smartphone required Sony to draw on all its Sony BRAVIA technology and expertise. The result? A groundbreaking, ultra-sharp display that, at four times the resolution of Full HD, is simply stunning. Small wonder Kyle was “totally blown away by the quality of the phone” – praise indeed from the man whose latest BMX film has to be seen to be believed.

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