kriss Kyle puts the Sony Xperia Z5™ Premium through its paces

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Come along for the ride as BMXer Kriss Kyle puts the Sony Xperia Z5™ Premium through its paces, while creating one of the most ground-breaking BMX films of recent times

Kriss Kyle is widely regarded as one of the most creative BMX riders of his generation. His new video, Kaleidoscope, sees the young Scot take on an ever-changing environment that isn’t quite what it seems.

Coupling Kyle’s unique perspective with that of the new Sony Xperia™ Z5 Premium, the world’s first smartphone with Premium 4k TRILUMINOS display, Red Bull Media House and Ridley Scott Associates produced a four-minute riding edit that uses a combination of moving set pieces and stunning optical techniques to create a park that’s constantly shifting and evolving. It’s enabled Kyle to showcase breathtaking riding, hitting some unique tricks and finding riding lines where others would see dead ends. 

kriss Kyle puts the Sony Xperia Z5™ Premium through its paces

4k Spiral Wall

In this trick, Kyle rides to the top of the high, smooth spiral wall, before plunging down, around and around, kept upright just with skill and gravity. 

It’s tricky to film, but multiple  Sony Xperia™ Z5 Premium’s on the frame of the wall and the bike have all the angles covered, capturing Kyle’s spiralling descent. The result is steady, sharp and stunning shots – everything you’d expect from the unique 4K Ultra HD display - the screen packs in four times the resolution of Full HD.

kriss Kyle puts the Sony Xperia Z5™ Premium through its paces

Autofocus Curved wall ride barrel/360

This is a perfect spin on the Kaleidoscope set’s massive curved wall. 

It’s a spectacular trick to film, but tough to nail, as it happens in the blink of an eye. The ultra-quick stunt is captured with the Sony Xperia™ Z5 Premium Hybrid AF 0.03 sec autofocus. With cameras attached at all angles, Kyle uses the focus to look back at everything that has happened: the foot plant, his posture and that all-important technique.

kriss Kyle puts the Sony Xperia Z5™ Premium through its paces

5X Zoom Rollercoaster Rail

The extra-long rollercoaster is different from the standard rails in other BMX films – it curves at the bottom. Kyle rides along the rails before performing a rollercoaster rail backflip – a world first. 

A wide shot pinpoints the exact second that Kyle flies off the rail and up into a perfect flip, while a Sony Xperia™ Z5 Premium mounted on the front of the bike zooms up close to the upside-down action. Afterwards, Kyle can review the footage, using the  Sony Xperia™ Z5 Premium 5x Zoom function to focus in on every detail of his technique. 

kriss Kyle puts the Sony Xperia Z5™ Premium through its paces

SteadyShot™ The Big L

This complex trick plays with perspective and movement, and involves Kyle riding along a ramp and hitting a wall that then tips, creating an entirely new line.

It’s a big test for the Sony Xperia™ Z5 Premium’s SteadyShot™ with Intelligent Active Mode image stabiliser. Multiple cameras attached to the Big L have no problem coping with the slam and motion as Kyle hits and the structure tips. The shots are stabilised and as steady as a rock.

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