Giant Trinity Advanced Pro 0 triathlon bike

Bike World: Part 1

The greatest invention since the wheel is two wheels, as proven by the surging popularity of the bicycle. From triathlon and trail bikes to must-have safety accessories, this is the year to get in the saddle
1. For the road

I am Ironman

There are triathlon bikes and then there’s the triathlon bike engineered to be the world’s fastest. More than 250 frame variations were tested with lab tech and human expertise (from Ironman Tim van Berkel) before the Giant Trinity Advanced Pro 0 (photo above) was born.

Anniversary Vamoots RSE-LE, used for Terminator


Carbon may be lighter, but the shock-absorbing characteristics of titanium make for a smoother ride. Few bike manufacturers use this metal so skilfully as Moots, as is demonstrated by the 35th Anniversary Vamoots RSE-LE, precision-built from premium Pi Tech 3/2.5 titanium tubing. It’s durable, too, which is why Skynet chose it for its Terminator endoskeletons.

2. For safety and comfort
3. For the City
speed king specialized turbo

speed king

With a 200-watt motor powering the rear wheel, the Specialized Turbo can achieve distances your puny leg muscles can only dream of. The battery, integrated into the down tube, is near invisible and a low centre of gravity ensures safer handling. The rest of the features are an embarrassment of riches – aluminium frame, 10-speed gears, Rock Shox suspension forks for rough terrain, super-stable wheels, large disc brakes and an illuminated thumb button on the handlebars for controlling the level of pedal-assist you need on the go.  

4. For the mountain
all-rounder mountain bike Scott Genius LT 700 Tuned Plus


As off-roaders go, trail bikes are the ones with the greatest range of uses. Their low weight (about 13kg, depending on kit) is a delight on long tours, while fat springs (16cm, give or take) and robust parts allow you the odd trip to the bike park. The Scott Genius LT 700 Tuned Plus is a prime example of this all-round capability – the carbon frame with integrated cable routing, hydraulically retractable seat post, and 11 gears (with additional front chain guide) are all state-of-the-art, while 70cm wheels deliver that Goldilocks sweet spot of traction and nimbleness.

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