Carlos Sainz

Carlos Sainz - What does he prefer?

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What do we really know about him? In the following quick interview with 20 questions, you will learn more about the man from Madrid!

Carlos Sainz is in the unusual position of being both experienced teammate and rookie all at the same time. He has a famous name and an outstanding record in junior series – but what do we really know about the man from Madrid? He gives us a snapshot in The Red Bulletin Q&A

Carlos Sainz junto a Fernando Alonso

Fernando Alonso (McLaren Honda), Carlos Sainz (Scuderia Toro Rosso) and Roberto Merhi (Manor Marussia) take part in the drivers’ parade before the Formula One Grand Prix of Austria at Red Bull Ring on June 21, 2015.

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 1. WET RACE OR DRY RACE? Wet race, because I’ve always had good results in the wet.

2. SALAD OR STEAK?​ Steak. I love meat.

3. iPOD OR VINYL?​ iPod, because I don’t know what vinyl is really. 

4. NIGHT ON THE TOWN OR QUIET NIGHT AT HOME? Quiet night at home. No, seriously! Normally, when I go back home, I’m very tired and I really need the rest.

5. WINE OR WATER? Water. I don’t like wine, but I love water.

6. SUIT OR CASUAL? Always casual. Much more comfortable that way. 

7. GOLF OR FOOTBALL? Always football – especially Real Madrid. 

8. MINIVAN OR MOTORCYCLE? Motorcycle. I like bikes. 

9. MOZART OR MOTÖRHEAD? What is Motörhead? Oh, OK. Neither.

10. YACHT OR PLANE? Yacht. I spend too much time on planes. 

11. SUPERMODEL OR GIRL NEXT DOOR? Depends entirely on what you’re planning to do.

 Race. Always.

13. BEACH OR MOUNTAIN? Beach. I love being on the beach. Doesn’t everyone?

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 14. NEWSPAPER OR COMIC BOOK? Newspaper. I really don’t like comics. 

15. SHOPPING MALL OR INTERNET SHOPPING? Internet shopping. Going shopping just takes too much time out of my life.

I think a Swiss Chalet. I want to have the space.

 Beard… at the moment.

18. TRAINING IN THE GYM OR TRAINING ON THE ROAD? Always on the road. I really, really enjoy road cycling.

19. BOOK OR TV?​ TV most of the time – unless it’s a really good book, then definitely a book.

20. MONEY OR GLORY? Ha! Glory. Every time. What’s better than glory?

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