The X-Fighters at the pyramids of Giza

The craziest X-Fighters tracks ever

Words: Drake McElroy
Photography (Above): Balazs Gardi / Red Bull Content Pool

Drake McElroy, Red Bull X-Fighters judge, rider liaison and track tester on the most spectacular tracks

1. Al Jizah, Egypt

“You can’t let images of dirt bikes jumping in front of the pyramids in Giza ever slip your mind. The course in Egypt although simple in design was completely manufactured… dance floor, take-offs and landings. My friend Morgan single-handedly led a team of ethnically mixed men with hammer, nail and lumber to construct the course. And not one flat tyre…”

“I have seen my fair share of wacky, wild or otherwise brilliant X-Fighters tracks”
Drake McElroy
The X-Fighters in Dublin

© Alex Schelbert / Red Bull Content Pool 

2. Dublin, Ireland  

“Slane Castle was the event that turned X-Fighters around. This event was the first event that made me jealous that I wasn’t on the start list. They had a proper course built and a much bigger footprint than the previous Las Ventas-style tracks. The mobile ramp set to the downhill for entering the course was a nice touch, plus the backdrop wasn’t awful. And Lord Henry was a character and a half!”

The Red Bull X-Fighters in Munich

© Sebastian Marko / Red Bull Content Pool

3. Munich, Germany

“While we are on the topic of  “fabricated” tracks, the Munich event where we got to ride on the water will forever be memorable. Once again the layout of the track was simple, but the entire course was floating or connected with the docks. A crazy idea that I was happy to see pulled off and be a part of.”

The Red Bull X-Fighters in Brasilia

© Joerg Mitter / Red Bull Content Pool

4. Brasilia, Brazil

“There was once an event that happened in Brasilia, Brazil. The shindig was held on government property and free for the public to attend. The ramps were constructed locally and felt like trampolines. We had to brace the ramps and weld in more supports and they never did feel quite right. To our advantage, the dirt in Brazil is the same dirt that Jesus’ personal moto track is constructed of beyond the clouds. The course was massive and had so many good dirt jumps. There were some 80 000 to 100 000 people in attendance for the event. The site looked like some crazy rock festival with all the fans packed into the park around the course. Brazilian culture was as good to experience as the live event.”

The X-Fighters at Glen Helen

© Chris Tedesco / Red Bull Content Pool

5. San Bernardino, USA

“It is completely unfortunate that the second year of Red Bull X-Fighters at Glen Helen never went down on the intended day. It was such a good course. Massive jumps, good rhythm, and that wall ride! The level of riding that happened during qualifying and the previous year on that style of course was mind blowing! The only event that would’ve left attendees’ balls bluer would be Turkey, but that’s a different story.”

The X-Fighters in Athens

© Predrag Vuckovic / Red Bull Content Pool

6. Athens, Greece

“The Dionyssos marble quarry outside Athens was insane. It’s almost like an archeological site or something – it totally didn’t look like it would ever be meant for a freestyle motocross event. Getting this course to flow was our biggest issue, because with 10m-plus sheer marble faces between the levels, we had only so much space to work with.”

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