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The real meaning of support

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Ugly scenes off the field threatened to mar Euro 2016 in France but thankfully there are still fans who come together to show the joy of the beautiful game

Russian, English and Croatian followers among others have created headlines at Euro 2016 for all the wrong reasons, and a dark shadow threatened the tournament. Fortunately, there are still fans celebrating the great football festival with fun, warmth and style. Here are some of the biggest party animals. 

Happy Irish

Despite drawing their opening game 1-1 with Sweden, Ireland’s fans kick-started the party on the streets of Paris and charmed the locals along the way. Even some roadside assistance wasn’t a problem for this merry Green Army. 

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"We change the wheels of a car, that's the difference." While some Russian and English fans have marred the 2016 UEFA EURO Championships with hooliganism, the Irish have been making friends and winning people over.

This Irish love letter to a young French woman went around the world on YouTube and social media:

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And maybe the best highlight from the Irish fans? This little baby in the subway urgently needed to go to sleep. 

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Albanian joy

Even before their second ever European Championship outing against France, these Albanians showed their party qualities. 

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During the game itself, the mood was so good that this fan had a very special idea. He decided to pop the question to his sweetheart. Aw!

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Swiss song power

The Swiss and their talent for creative fan chants? No problem, as this video proves, which appeared prior to the match between the Alpine country and Romania.

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Polish and Northern Irish contest

It’s not just the teams. The fans can also compete against one another, for example in the question of who has the vocal edge. Poland and Northern Ireland demonstrated just what friendly competition should be. 

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The chant “Will Grigg’s on fire” which the Ulstermen sing in honour of their cult striker Will Grigg is proving a huge online hit. The London band Blonde even released their own version of the catchy number under the pseudonym DJ Kenno and have since stormed the British download chart. At Euro 2016 this song is everywhere. 

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