Tipps von Triathleten

3 essential triathlete tips that you can use in your everyday life

Photo: Marc Müller/Red Bull Content Pool
Words: Alex Lisetz

3 of the triathletes from this year’s Red Bull Tri Islands reveal some of the key things they’ve learned from the sport, and how you can use these in all areas of your daily life 
1. Sebastian Kienle
Sebastian Kienle
Sebastian Kienle

… knows how to last longer.

THE RED BULLETIN: You know a thing or two about gritting your teeth and fighting through the pain. I’m currently working until ten at night, every night, to get a presentation finished. Any tips? Right now I feel like giving up…

SEBASTIAN KIENLE: Have you tried splitting up the task into smaller tasks? 

How so? 

By turning the long haul into shorter stages. When I’m taking part in a triathlon, I never have the whole distance in my head. I just think about reaching the next checkpoint, or getting to the top of a hill. Try and do the same and divide your work into chapters instead of constantly thinking about the deadline. 

Am I not going to lose sight of the end goal like this? 

No, because you will have a clear plan on what you are going to do today or tomorrow. You will also know what you want to achieve by the end of the week. And it needs to be an ambitious plan. You need to work hard and really push yourself. 

I knew there was a catch… 

Sorry, but you need to be perfectly prepared for every presentation, meeting or exam. You’ll only start doubting your own abilities if you’re not. That’s when you get nervous and fail. 

And what if I’m generally a nervous person? 

Then practise in a situation that resembles the real thing. When I was doing my degree I used to practise writing my answers under exam conditions. A successfully completed test run can do wonders for your confidence. 

2. Jonas Schomburg
Jonas Schomburg...
Jonas Schomburg...

… knows how to never give up.

THE RED BULLETIN: Can you teach me how to never give up? 

JONAS SCHOMBURG: Yes, but only through real experience. You need to overcome something two or three times and really stick to it and push through on willpower alone. Only then will something really change inside of you. 

What will change?

Your brain will realise that sticking to your guns and not giving up ends in success. It will start to learn that the stress and pain will eventually be over and that your goals are in sight. I’ve learned this through being a triathlete, and I think I would have given up on my degree a long time ago without this knowledge. 

3. Hanna Winckler
Hanna Winckler
Hanna Winckler...

… knows have to be successful by having fun.

THE RED BULLETIN: As a triathlete, you’ve learned how to carry on going when you’re body is screaming “stop!“ How can I use that experience in difficult day-to-day situations?

HANNA WINCKLER: By trying to see life as a triathlon. There are going to be times when you feel really shitty, but then everything will be golden a couple of kilometres down the road. 

Is that destiny?

Not if you train and live a process-driven life. You need to have fun in training and at work and just see success as the extra bonus at the end. 

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