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The newest fitness app, “Sworkit“ requires no exercise equipment. Dark chocolate will provide you with energy for your perfect workout


It has to be at least 70 per cent cocoa, and limited to 40g a day, but, say scientists at Kingston University, this can help physical performance thanks to (-)-epicatechin, an ingredient that aids blood flow and oxygen intake.

Eating dark chocolate can result in some incredible health benefits

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Build customised workout videos that require no exercise equipment, then watch them on your smartphone. The University of Florida assessed 30 free health apps and found this one was the best.

We Sworkit outdoors when the weather gets warm!

We Sworkit outdoors when the weather gets warm! What about you? Where is your favorite place to Sworkit?

The Tech: LUMO RUN

This sensor clips onto your waistband and measures six key elements of your run for later analysis via an app, so you can go faster for longer and hopefully avoid the jogger’s nightmare: niggling injury.

Introducing Lumo Bodytech’s revolutionary smart running shorts to coach you to run faster, and farther

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