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Fitness Tracker: three tips for the most effective workout


From the newest workout to the best new diets – here are the hottest things in health right now

The Workout: Dash 28

You’ve heard of spinning, now comes the running equivalent. The Mile High Run Club’s signature group workout uses treadmills and free weights to build strength and endurance.

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The Fuel: Insects

They’re high in protein, easy to breed, emit less methane than cows and half a dozen companies are currently smashing them into bar form. Exo’s cricket-flour-and-blueberry are the best right now.

The experiment: They got some of their unsuspecting co-workers to try the Exo bar to see what they thought of the taste and how they would react to eating crickets

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The App: Twilight

Screen glare disrupts production of the sleep hormone melatonin. If you must tweet before bed, use Twilight to downshift your phone’s blue light output to improve shuteye.

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