Fitness trends

Fitness trends

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Be motivated by an affordable real-life coach, power up with protein, and you’re perfectly prepared for your next workout

The App: “Fitmo”

This coaching app has a real-life coach as an ingredient: via messages and video calls, a human personal trainer, matched to your needs, will encourage, inform, help, advise and guide you to your goals.


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The Fuel: Yoghurt

Enjoy it as a late-night snack to work out better the next day. A 250g serving of full-fat live natural yoghurt has protein you’ll use slowly overnight, to help muscle growth, while the bacteria boost your gut’s uptake of the nutrients you need for exercise.


The Tech: Path Fat Band

A two-part fitness tracker, with a band and a breath device that, after analysing exhalations during exercise, can measure your metabolism and rate of burning fat. Pre-order for delivery this summer.

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