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Outrun zombies and stay fit with this new app and more 

The App: “Zombies, Run!“

Don’t Fear The Walking Dead – outrun the zombie hordes in this app, completing missions with the aid of sound clips and aural cues. ‘Storifying’ your exercise can be a great motivator. 

For iOS and Android

© YouTube // Zombies, Run!

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The Fuel: Eggs

Everyone knows about the protein benefits of eggs, but a new study published in the US Journal of Nutrition found that eating them in a salad increases the absorption of vitamin E from the veg. This, in turn, will aid post-workout recovery, so get cracking.

The Tech: Oakley Radar Pace smartglasses

Live, in-ear coaching and performance analysis from the smartest-ever pair of sports glasses. Using the removable earphones and built-in microphones, you can talk to Radar Pace and get real-time stats from a linked smartphone. 

For iOS and Android

“Radar Pace is a real-time voice activated coaching system that creates a unique training program, tracks your performance and coaches you in the moment“

© YouTube // Oakley Channel

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