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Felix Jones: “Find Inspiration” 

Photo: Olaf Pignataro for Wings for Life World Run

Wings For Life World Run: Former rugby pro Felix Jones (far right) has started running and shows no signs of slowing down

When a neck injury forced Munster captain and Ireland international Felix Jones into early retirement from rugby last year, he found running helped fill the void.

Thanks to the Wings for Life World Run, the 28-year-old can do it while raising awareness of spinal cord injuries, too. Here are his top tips.

“Find enjoyment in running,” says Jones. “For some people, that may be in a gym, but running in a green area or along a coastline can give you stimulus. Banish the idea of pain and pushing yourself.”

“Change it up,” he says. “In rugby, the maximum you run is 10km, in short, intense bursts. Now, my training is more steady, more long-distance, with more hill running.”

“Stick at it,” says Jones. “Having been in a professional environment, I learned the discipline needed to train every day. You really get an appreciation of how good it is for you physically and mentally.”

Cambridge Charity Race 2016 - Wings for Life World Run UK

Quintessentially British The Wings for Life World Run offers a totally new running experience, all for a good cause. Runners in 34 locations worldwide start at exactly the same time and run for as long as they can.

“Running in a green area or along a coastline can give you stimulus. Banish the idea of pain”
Felix Jones, 28

“It helps to have a goal,’ he says. “Growing up loving rugby and having had that taken away, I definitely needed to replace it with something. And I can still run – I’m lucky.

Someone with a spinal cord injury would give anything to be able to get up and just walk this race. Running for those who can’t at the World Run is a motivating factor for me.”


Even as a non-runner, you can be part of the Wings for Life World Run

No matter where you are, you can witness the most extraordinary running event of the year on your laptop or smartphone. Check out all the live streams, statistics and pin boards in order to track your friends and celebrities at: wingsforlife­worldrun.com

One hundred per cent of the entry fee goes to spinal cord research – with the goal of finding a cure for paraplegia. But even if you don’t participate, you can still donate. Check out the dedicated fund-raising campaign at: wingsforlife­worldrun.com

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Wings for Life World Run 2016

Can’t make it to any of the 34 cities where the Wings for Life World Run will be held on May 8, 2016? Be part of this global event with a Wings for Life Selfie Run instead. Just download the free app for iOS or Android and the virtual Catcher Car will be after you.


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