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Four-time cliff diving world champion Gary Hunt has seen and done some incredible things during his time on the world circuit. Here are the four moments that he’ll never forget. 

The first time I did a back triple with four twists. It was in Turkey, I’m not sure of the year. It was the only competition we’ve done in Turkey. It was a big step. I wasn’t 100 per cent sure I could do it, if I was going to get lost. It’s a step that secured me the championship. Without that dive it would have been much harder to win. A lot of people thought I was crazy to attempt it. So obviously it was a massive moment. It went well and I’ve been doing that dive ever since. 

Gary Hunt

Winning the sixth round of the Red Bull Cliff Diving Series back in 2009 in Hamburg is a moment Gary Hunt will always rememeber: it was his first ever win of a single competition  

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My first ever win of a single competition. That was in Germany, in Hamburg back in 2009 (picture above). It proved it was possible. I started to really see where I could go. 

The first time I ever saw Artem (Silchenko) really nail his back arm-stand two and half somersaults with two and a half twists. We watched him land flat on his back at the first competition in Corsica, then flat on his front in Norway. Then in the third competition everyone was so nervous for him. I think it was in Ireland back in 2012. He absolutely nailed it and everyone was so relieved. It was amazing. 

Gary Hunt counts his victory in 2014 in Yucatan, Mexico to one of his magic moments during the Red Bull Cliff Diving World Championship

4 In Yucatan in Mexico. It was so different to anywhere else I’d been. If I’m on a really high platform and the ground is 27m below me, it feels really scary. But in Mexico as we were diving into a deep cave-pool, we were only 7m above the land and the trees. It was only when you looked directly down from the platform you could appreciate the true height. So it made me feel more secure and stable, stronger. 

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