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One of the bright young stars of British triathlon, Gordon Benson picks his three biggest sporting inspirations…

As the younger training buddy of Olympic medal-winning triathletes Alistair and Jonathan Brownlee, Gordon Benson looks set for very big things. An award-winning junior sportsman in his own right, the 21-year-old Leeds lad has stepped up to the big leagues – now swimming, riding and running alongside the world’s best. Here, he tells The Red Bulletin about the three sporting idols who’ve inspired his progress…


Holder of four Olympic gold medals and the first British cyclist to win the Tour de France, Wiggins’ success is something Benson hopes to emulate. “In terms of sporting idols, I really do look up to British sportsmen who’ve done well,” says Benson. “Guys like Bradley Wiggins, who is passionate about his sport and has stuck it out through a lifetime, and achieved almost everything he can achieve.”



Three-time winner of the London Marathon, long-distance runner Radcliffe is still the women’s world record holder in the marathon with a time of 2 hours, 15 minutes and 25 seconds. “The way she took on the world, competing and running and doing it as she did, was very inspiring,” says Benson. “I think her world record is probably the most impressive world record of anyone’s.”


Benson’s biggest sporting inspirations are, perhaps unsurprisingly, training partners Alistair and Jonathan. “They’re the guys who are in the position I want to be in,” admits Benson. “But when I was 16 and started training with them, it was soon clear they were just ordinary people. It’s easy to look at your idols as these amazing superstars who are untouchable, but they’re just normal people who are passionate and work hard – and through that they’ve achieved great results.”

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