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Cliff diver Gary Hunt is best known for his incredibly complex manoeuvres from heights that would make lesser men weep. Turns out that’s not all he can do… 

THE RED BULLETIN: Paris is your adopted home these days. What do you miss about the UK?

GARY HUNT: My friends and family of course, but also little things like getting a good Sunday roast dinner. There’s lots of restaurants with great French food, but Sunday roasts I have to make on my own now. I make a decent roast, I cooked Christmas dinner for my mum and family in Southampton last Christmas for the first time. It went down pretty well. 

“My latest hobby is making bowls out of wood”
Gary Hunt

So you’re a dab hand in the kitchen?

Since I’ve been living in in my free time I often decide on a fancy dish that will take me the evening to prepare. I made a beef Wellington about a month ago. You take a fillet steak and cover it with a mushroom and onion pate and cover it with pastry. Let’s just say it didn’t look like the images I found on Google, it wasn’t worthy of Instagram. When I tried to cut it into slices it fell apart. 

Gary Hunt

Gary Hunt dives from the 27 metre platform on La Salves Bridge next to the Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao during the Red Bull Cliff Diving World Series in 2014.

© Romina Amato/Red Bull Content Pool

And do you have hobbies aside from hurling yourself from impossible-looking heights?

I still juggle, and I play the piano as often as I can. The latest hobby is making bowls out of wood. I went to Scotland in January and found a big slice of a pine tree. I took it home, and made it into a bowl using an angle grinder. I keep my pistachio nuts in at the moment. That’s what my time off over the winter has been about – finishing training then coming home to fill my back yard with a sea of sawdust. And probably annoying the neighbours. 

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