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Watch some of the best sportswomen in the world celebrate International Women’s Day with Awolnation

They’re athletes at the top of their game – and they’re women, too. To celebrate international women’s day champions Lexi Thompson, Lolo Jones, Maya Gabeira, Mariana Pajon and more took part in a special video featuring music by AWOLNATION. 

Here, the some of the best sportswomen in the world speak about female role models, mixed competitions and prize money equality.

Watch the International Women’s Day clip below and check out the official AWOLNATION video here. 

Red Bull Foxhunt 2015 with Rachel Atherton 

Lolo Jones on:

Female athletes’ role as an inspiration for other women
Female athletes can be an inspiration to others just like how anyone in every day life can be an inspiration  – and that’s by overcoming great odds, never quitting when they face failure or just stealing hearts. By going out there, pursuing your dreams and showing fans how passionate you are can inspire them to want that passion too. As a female athlete I don’t consider myself a female athlete, if that makes sense. I’m just an athlete. And that’s how I want to inspire others – one day females will be equal.

Lolo Jones

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Female role models
Lindsey Vonn is my role model and it is because of her injuries. A lot of people think that winning is inspirational. I’ve had three surgeries in the last four years so I know how hard it is to come back from ground zero after you’ve been hurt, and she’s had to do that quite a bit as well. She became my role model for this year for bouncing back after tough times.

Mixed competitions
I’m biased about this because in track and field we compete at the same venue. It’s good for the atmosphere, it provides you with more energy. Families that attend – a little boy and a little girl can both find someone to look up to and be inspired by. It just bonds the sport. Just look at NBA vs WNBA, where it’s all separated. We have a much closer bond as athletes on the track or in the pool - a lot of them are like brothers to me. 

international Women's Day

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Maya Gabeira On:

Women in surfing
Surfing is still kind of a sexist sport, and especially big wave surfing. But everyday I feel like more and more women are trying and practicing surfing, which is great! The professional level has evolved impressively in the last years. 

international Women's Day

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Female role models
I believe all female champions are an inspiration. We [female athletes] have sports as a tool to inspire people, but, for me, my mum is a great inspiration, such as so many other in different fields and places in the world. 

Mixed competitions
Women and men are different and that’s the beauty of it. Sportsmen are usually more into power and strength. On the other hand, women are more graceful. 

And what can be improved
I think we are improving everyday. I feel I’m better today than I was yesterday and I believe this is a natural thing. I think sports as a whole will continue to improve with time and technology, and women will follow. 

“All female champions are an inspiration”
Maya Gabeira

Lexi Thompson on:

International Women's Day

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Women on the golf course
There are definitely more women playing golf today than when I turned pro just six years ago. And there are a lot more young girls and women in general who come out to watch us play. It’s so awesome to see all the young girls out there following us.  

Female athletes as an inspiration for other women
Hopefully we as professional golfers can motivate and inspire other women and young girls to get out on the golf course and enjoy the outdoors, play a sport with friends, and also get some exercise.  

Mixed competitions
I think golf is a perfect sport to have mixed events with the men. Women can compete alongside the men at the same time in golf, because we can play from our set of tees, and they can play from theirs, and people can see for themselves that the women are just as competitive and talented as the men.

And what can be improved
I think the biggest thing that needs to be improved for women in sports is the inequality of the prize money. The men play for much bigger purses and team salaries all over the world.

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