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Smarter photography - 5 easy ways to take amazing snapshots 

Photography: JIMMY CHIN

Whether he’s in Yosemite National park or skiiing on Mt. Everest, Jimmy Chin always has his Nikon ready. But you don’t need expensive professional gear or extreme locations to take amazing photos. A smartphone and the right settings are more than enough     

For American photographer, professional climber and filmmaker Jimmy Chin, adventure is part of the job. He’s won countless awards for his climbing feats and extreme adventuring, but there is one thing Jimmy can do better than climbing or extreme skiing: photograph other people doing amazing things. 

Chin often takes on the elements and risks life and limb for his award-winning outdoor photos. But according to the photographer, you don’t need to one of the best action photographers in the world to take breath-taking photos. Sometimes all you need is a smartphone, a good eye and the ability to follow these priceless tips. 



© The North Face // YouTube

1. Always be ready 

“Some photos require days or even weeks of preparation. Other opportunities can happen in the blink of eye without any warning. That’s why you should always have a small camera or your smartphone ready when you leave the house.” 



2. Take as many photos as you can 

“From all angles, at different times of the day and in all weather conditions. You only get better at taking photos by training.”  

“You should always have a small camera or your smartphone ready when you leave the house”
Jimmy Chin

3. Share your photos

“Share your photos straight away. Thanks to smartphones and social media this has never been easier. Encourage your friends to offer constructive criticism and take note of photos that are received well and ones that aren’t.” 



4. Take photos of the things you love 

“You need time and practice to become a better photographer. Begin with a topic you really love and have a lot of passion for. You will feel a lot more confident in those surroundings and you’ll be able to concentrate fully on taking photos.“ 

5. Think outside of the box 

“Take an active interest in other photographers in different branches. Define why you like certain photos over others and use everything you can to find your own style.“ 

6. Make Mistakes 

“Never try the safe shot. You should always be trying to do something new with your smartphone. Allow yourself the freedom to take bad photos. Sometimes you have to accept that 9 from 10 photos may be poor, but there will be one that will take your breath away.” 



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