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Hi people, 

I’m back with another blog entry about my life in Australia. I finally got to make my league debut for Sydney last weekend, and in the derby against Western Sydney Wanderers of all teams! It was an amazing experience, the 42,000 fans in the stadium really made it a great atmosphere and got behind the teams. The atmosphere could easily compete with some of the top derby games in Europe. It was a dream finish in the end, as we came back from 2-0 down to win 3-2. The perfect result. 

Marc Janko Sydney FC Western Sydney Wanderers

Full commitment

Marc was given the full run out in the derby. He was able to help his team celebrate a 3-2 win. 

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On a personal note I really enjoyed the game. I felt fit, played the full 90 minutes and I was able to get involved in some key battles on the pitch. I can feel myself getting fitter with every game, and that is essential for my form. I don’t think I am too far away from reaching 100%. The management team were also really happy with my performance and I am confident that I can improve on this with more games under my belt. 

I am really happy to have hit the ground running here in Australia, especially after the international games. The red card against Moldova was a massive disappointment for me. I reacted to getting an elbow in the stomach. I let myself get carried away by the heat of the moment. I am not going to make any excuses for getting the red card though, even if I do think that it was a bit harsh. All I can do now is hope that my case is decided upon correctly, and that I am able to be available to play against Russia. 

On a positive note though I really do feel that I am on the right road in terms of my general fitness. We are under continuous observation here in Australia and undergo tests to check our development and our fitness. A top player in a European top league normally has a skinfold test value of 60. Mine was 95 when I arrived here, not a positive level at all. I was down to 70 heading into the Moldova game, so I have improved considerably in this period. I am really enjoying playing football again; being out there on the pitch in a decent condition is a great feeling. 

There have been a few “unexpected events” over the past few months as well. My mother sent me over a few pairs of football boots via air cargo recently. I didn’t know how much trouble this harmless package would turn out to be though! You need to go through a crazy procedure here when picking up packages from the airport. You need to fill out god knows how many forms and explain what you do. There is also the small matter of the police interview. They insisted on knowing what was in the package.  

I told him that there were football boots in the package, and he asked me if they had any dirt on them, which I confirmed, as they were a little dirty. At that very moment he grabbed the telephone and put the whole thing in quarantine! They have very strict regulations in Australia about this kind of thing due to a fear of people bringing viruses into the country. I then had to have an extra appointment with the environmental health department and they made me wash the boots before I was allowed to take them home. If you’re unlucky then the chances are that they will throw away your post! I have definitely learned that I need to give my things a wash before I send them! 

On a final note I would like to send my congratulations to Salzburg, and to Johnny Soriano to be exact. I heard that he broke my record last weekend (126 goals for Salzburg). This was always going to happen in my opinion because he is such a fantastic striker. I am really happy that Salzburg has such a quality player in the team. I wish him all the best of luck for the rest of the season. Keep on scoring Johnny! 

All the best,


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