Yoga and men

Dude, where’s my mat?

Words: Lea Wieser
Photography (Above): Dylan Werner

Are you man enough to do yoga? These male Instagram Yogis should be inspiration enough for you to finally roll out your mat
Patrick Beach

© Instagram // @patrickbeach

Patrick Beach

Based in Portland, Australia, Patrick Beach did yoga for the first time as a toddler on his parent’s kitchen floor, imitating his mom, while she was practicing simple yoga poses she got taught in a class. Later, encouraged by a bet with his dad about learning to do a handstand, Patrick enrolled in a yoga course and has practiced ever since, making yoga his life. He has become a master in inversions and his focus lies on emphasizing flexibility and physical as well as mental strength, creating jaw-dropping poses. 

Follow the Hipster-Yogi on Instagram: @patrickbeach

Dylan Werner

© Instagram // @dylanwerneryoga

Dylan Werner

Known for his superhuman-like strength and his graceful movement, Dylan Werner has built himself a reputation as one of the leaders in yoga strength training and body weight movement. Based in Los Angeles, he travels the world teaching yoga. Click here to read the exclusive interview with the yoga expert.

Check out his Instagram profile for awe-inspiring body control: @dylanwerneryoga

DJ Townsel

© Instagram // @dade2shelby

Derrick “DJ” Townsel 

Derrick “DJ” Townsel’s yoga career is not what you might typically expect - being a former NFL player for the Houston Texans in the 2010-2011 season, the “rasta yogi” [his nickname comes for his love for listening to Bob Marley, while chilling in a handstand and his signature head of hair] taught yoga to himself in his own four wall’s by following online sessions. He first chose it as a physical discipline to prevent injuries as an athlete and then fell in love with the spiritual and mental benefits that yoga offers. In the meantime DJ has swapped his football gear to a yoga mat, and his passion turned him into a full-time yoga teacher, inspiring mainly men to bring themselves to step on the mat. 

Check out the rasta-yogis profile on Instagram: @dade2shelby

Jared Fu

© Instagram // @jaredfu

Jared Fu

Vancouver-based yoga instructor Jared Fu impresses with his breathtaking poses, that are on the verge of breakdance. The Canadian makes balancing postures and his b-boy inspired athleticism look as effortless as a child’s play.

Follow him for yoga - and awesome sneakers: @jared.fu

Andrew Sealy

© Instagram // @andrew7sealy

Andrew Sealy

Andrew Sealy is known for his yoga practice in remote exotic places, casually bending himself on the edge of a cliff. Based in Santa Monica, he teaches functional yoga, where he guides his students to breathtaking backbends, handstands, and other body deflections, you would not have thought even being possible. 

Check out his mind-blowing poses on Instagram: @andrew7sealy

Brian Miller

© Instagram // @brianmilleryoga

Brian Miller

Coming from a law and business background and having practiced boxing for 15 years, Brian Miller has decided to give yoga a try, not knowing that it would change his life. The Canadian was inspired by his own transformation after first practicing yoga and decided to teach people online, seeking to make yoga accessible to people with varied backgrounds.

Watch him bend like a pretzel on Instagram: @brianmilleryoga

Rocky Heron

© Instagram // @yogawithrocky

Rocky Heron

Rocky Heron has stumbled upon yoga as a teenager, deciding to make yoga his life by becoming a professional teacher, currently based in Los Angeles. As a yogi, musician and owner of a yoga school, he also travels the world, teaching what he can do best: doing crazy balancing poses, that take your breath away. 

Check out Rocky Heron’s profile on Instagram: @yogawithrocky

Jonah Kest

© Instagram // @kestyoga

Jonah Kest

Growing up in a family that devoted their lifes to yoga and with his parents both being successful yoga teachers, Jonah Kest was semi-destined to follow the yogic path. At the age of 17, the US-American first started teaching yoga, becoming a well-travelled instructor teaching throughout the world, earning a solid reputation for his very intense classes, but also for his devotion to the mindful aspect of yoga. 

Check out his Instagram profile for living proof that yoga can get you buff: @kestyoga

TJ Hark

© Instagram // @tjhark

Taylor Harkness

As a former rock-climber, Taylor Harkness started practicing yoga having the physical aspects of it in mind, later realizing that the regular practice of yoga not only helped his sports training, but also his ability to cope with the stress of his job as a paramedic. Nowadays he is teaching yoga all around the world, inspiring men who can’t touch their toes to finally get more flexible. 

Check out Taylor’s profile on Instagram for breath-taking flexibility: @tjhark

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