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No gym, no weights, no protein shakes, no problem. Sekou and Alseny got strong and ripped without them. So can you

What you’re about to learn:

  • How to get shredded without going to the gym
  • The most important thing about training is to have fun
  • You really don’t need protein shakes

It looks ten times more fun than a workout at the gym. No wonder the “West African Beasts” Sekou and Alseny are drawing in crowds of astonished people when they go for a training session on Huntington Beach, California.

They immediately caught the attention of the guys from Strength Project, which showcases unorthodox ways of performing various exercises, during their circus tour in the States and shared some secrets about training, diet and having fun while building muscle 



Sekou and Alseny grew up in Guinea and did not have access to any gyms, weights or protein shakes. And today they still forego the equipment usually associated with working out. “For weights, we use people and lift each other for our job,” they say. It’s done wonders for their strength and balance.


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The two athletes naturally build up muscle through a mixture of gymnastics, tumbling, calisthenics, breakdancing and old school strength training. It’s efficient and guarantees a total body workout. It also happens to look the coolest when they’re doing backflips on the beach.

What you can learn: Getting fit and strong doesn’t mean you have to stick to standard reps and sets in a gym. Think outside the box.


You are normally told to have at least one rest day to let your body recover, but Sekou and Alseny are not having any of it. The two high flyers jump, dance and somersault their way through training every day from 7am to 3pm. Then they hit another session from 5pm to 8 or 9pm.

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It helps when you’re having fun, but that’s nothing without the discipline that has kept them at the peak of physical fitness. It’s obvious they’re both enjoying themselves when they pull off audacious moves in the sun – and it’s key to their success.

What you can learn: One of the most important aspects of keeping fit is enjoying it. Find out what keeps you smiling while exercising, and stick with it.


When it comes to food, they take a natural approach. “Some people take protein powder, but we never take that,” they said. “Just fish and chicken. Natural foods only.”

They also eat plenty of rice and bread for carbohydrates, taking a refreshing approach to fitness that is entirely based around eating healthily, having fun and loving what they do. You only have to see the results to know it’s working.

What you can learn: You don’t have to be that guy drinking protein shakes. You can follow a diet of natural proteins and carbohydrates for winning results.

© Strength Project // YouTube

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