Sports Championships To Blow Your Mind

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Not excited by Euro 2016? Here are some of the lesser known sporting events waiting to take you on a thrill ride this summer

Ronaldo, Pogba and Kane, just some of the names you’re going to hear being yelled in ecstasy from your television set this summer. What about names like Payne, Kopyniak, Tarasenko and Dayson?

These are the athletes from lesser known sports that will keep you on the edge of your seats. Get ready for thrills and spills, crushed dreams and tears of joy as teams compete for another kind of glory.

1 Extreme sports - Fise World Series

Created in 1997 and going on to host more than 240 events around the world, the FISE is a staple of the action sports calendar. It brings together the best in mountain biking, skateboarding, BMX, inline skating and wakeboarding.

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The tournament tours five countries as athletes compete to accumulate the most points and be crowned champions. 

2 Ice Hockey World Championship

Russia will play host to a sporting event that is guaranteed to entertain. If the EUROS are too soft for your liking, chances are that this is right up your street. Taking place from 6 to 22 May, the tournament will bring together sixteen teams seeking glory.

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Expect some amazing goals, saves and scuffles over the course of the event, with the likes of Canada, USA and of course Russia competing against each other. 

3 World Ultimate and Guts Championships

It’s not only got one of the best names going, the WUGC is home to one of fastest growing sports in the UK and around the world. We are of course talking about Ultimate Frisbee, which was recognised by the International Olympics Committee in 2015.

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The flying disc sport is coming to London with the Championships taking place from 18 to 25 June. There are expected to be 2,000 athletes from 35 countries competing in five divisions including Men’s, Women’s and Mixed. Single day and week-long tickets are still available to buy, so what are you waiting for?

4 Sled Racing - NVSDC Classic

Try something different and get on over to Australia to enjoy the NVSDC Classic at Kialla West, one of the biggest annual dry-land sled dog events. The tournament will take place on 11 June over the Queen’s birthday weekend.

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Don’t try and tell us that doesn’t look fun. These dogs mean serious business and they’re out to win it. It’s also the perfect excuse to travel Down Under and enjoy sled dog racing, camping and fun in the bush.

5 World Pole Sports Championships

Pole sport? Yes, set aside any preconceptions you might have. You try accomplishing the feats these male and female athletes pull off in this physically demanding sport and tell us it’s not worth your time.

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The event takes place in London from 23 to 24 July and will have 150 competitors from 30 different countries competing against one another. Tickets are still available if you want to see up close the strength, flexibility, power and balance needed to be the best of the best.

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