Karabatić VS Wolff - Olympic Rivals - Handball

Olympic Rivals:
Nikola Karabatić VS Andreas Wolff

Photography: Adidas (left) and Sascha Klahn (right)
Words: Muhamed Beganović And Florian Wörgötter

The Olympic and world title-holder faces off against the new European champ

France vs Germany 

If everything goes according to plan, the two favourites for gold in handball are sure to meet somewhere along the line at Rio 2016, in the final at the latest.

When France’s Nikola Karabatić, viewed by many as the best attacking player in the world, gets his hulking body into position and shapes up to let loose, normal goalkeepers can only pray for divine intervention. 

Nikola Karabatić: Best Of 2015

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But Andreas Wolff is no ordinary goalie. The 25-year-old from the Rhineland became the star of the German team at January’s European Championship when he drove the Spanish players to distraction in the final, having an incredibly high 48 per cent of all shots. 

Final Highlights: Germany vs Spain - European Championships, January 2016

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Shooting star Wolff and his uncanny Bruce Lee-like reflexes are stoking the flames of the old rivalry between the favourites, yet he has never played against France.

The last meeting between the two countries was three years ago, when Germany prevailed in a tight match at the 2013 World Championship, winning 32:30. The leading scorer was a certain Nikola Karabatić.

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