Taking the hard track to perfection 

Watch the Athertons get warmed up for the new season at their training camp in Malaga 

It is going to be a big year for biking’s royal family. Gee is looking to defend his title, Rachel wants to get her hands on some silverware again, and Dan will be taking part in Enduro. With such an important year coming up, it is all the more critical that the trio get some demanding training under their belts. 

It comes down to hundredths of seconds in the race to the championship so focus is paramount. Pre-season testing might be the last chance for the siblings to have a little quality time with each other without the stress of the next race hanging over them.

In this exclusive clip the Athertons give us an insight into the hard work they have been putting in at their training camp in Malaga, and also what the future holds for Atherton racing and the team. 

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03 2015 Redbulletin.com

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