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See how athletes and photographers fight the elements this month. The results are fantastic shots

Rocks ’n’ rolls

Erzberg, Austria 

Red Bull Hare Scramble is one of the toughest challenges on two wheels. Yet each year 500 hardened enduro and trials bike riders rev up ready to roll – and many literally do. In 2015 only five riders made it up the steep slopes, rocky quarries and wooded passages to the finish, one of them last year’s victor Jonny Walker. This year he shared the top honours with Graham Jarvis, Andreas Lettenbichler and Alfredo Gómez, in an unprecedented four-way tie. It was thanks to some necessary teamwork. “We just couldn’t get up the last section,” said Jarvis, “so we helped each other get out.”

Video highlights:


© Samo Vidic


Llanbedr airfield, Wales​

Red Bull Matadors Paul Bonhomme and Steve Jones are the first pilots ever to fly their sports planes through a building – a barn in North Wales – in formation flight. And, true to form, the thrillseeking Brits managed the wing-to-wing stunt without breaking a sweat. You can see Bonhomme in action in the Red Bull Air Race at Ascot, UK, on August 15 and 16. 



© Olaf Pignataro

long drop

Lower Lewis Falls, USA 

 “The jump was even more dangerous than it looked,” says photographer Tyler Roemer of kayaker Drew Eastman’s drop in Washington State. Roemer waited for hours in the cold water in order to get the shot, but that was child’s play compared to doing the jump in a kayak. “It was very tricky,” says Roemer. “There was a lot of driftwood and a strong current, and on top of that the impact of landing from 13m up.” But Eastman succeeded with his usual aplomb.

Discover more of Roemer’s adventures:


© Tyler Roemer

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