Photos of the Month

From street art to riding easy, this month’s photos capture the most breathtaking and inspiring moments from around the world.

Easy Rider

South African triathlete Matt Trautman, 30, has excelled at more sports than most. He started at the World Wild Water Kayak championships while still at school, then went on to sail the Atlantic in a mini yacht. He won the Ironman Wales 2014 and followed it with a home win this year. It seems he’s done with experimentation. “I recently played a terrible round of golf, then went surfing and injured my shoulder. I’ll be sticking to triathlons.”


© Kelvin Trautman/Red Bull Content Pool

Big Splash
Santa Catarina, Brazil

Beach town Balneário Camboriú on Brazil’s Atlantic coast is known for its incredible clubs, electronic music scene and all-night parties. It’s also home to the country’s first official nudist beach. But Igor Amorelli wants none of that. The local won Brazil’s 2014 Ironman competition, and he has his training ground to thank for it: All he needs is Santa Catarina’s ample natural waters and steep cliff tracks.


© Fabio Piva

Street Art
Hyderabad, India 

India’s Holi festival is given some unexpected extra color courtesy of former Formula One ace David Coulthard. Before making a memorable exit with the help of some well-placed powder, the Scot proved he still has what it takes behind the wheel: He burned around at speeds of up to 175 mph across Tank Bund Road and around Hussain Sagar Lake, much to the delight of thousands of locals. “It’s always a special feeling to drive a Formula One car for the sheer thrill of the fans,” says Coulthard. “It was incredible to take the car for a spin at such an iconic location.”


© Predrag Vucˇkovic´

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