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Photo above: André Lavadinho

From Anaheim to Alghero:  This month, the athletes want to fly high - and to dive deep!

Gravel Concerns

Alghero, Sardinia 

FIA World Rally Championship organisers give fair warning about the hazards of the Sardinian leg, with its high temperatures, narrow, tree-lined roads that allow “no room for error”, and slippery gravel. And, like the world-class pros that they are, the competitors take it all in their stride. Here, Finnish driver Jari-Matti Latvala (VW Motorsport) shows how best to deal with the latter problem – by flooring it. 

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Drop Box


© Jaanus Ree

Tallinn, Estonia

Drew Bezanson practises ahead of an impressive fifth victory at revered BMX battle Simple Session in April. The 26-year-old BMX park rider learned his skills in the remoteness of his native Nova Scotia, Canada, but after winning recognition much further afield with his genre-defining style – including two ‘Ramp Rider Of The Year’ awards in the US – trips home are a rarity. “I visit Nova Scotia once in the summer and once at Christmas,” he says. “At this point, I’m so used to being on the go, I get antsy when I don’t have stuff going on.”

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Pool party


© Carlo Cruz / Red Bull Content Pool

Anaheim, USA​ 

California-based photographer Carlo Cruz has been taking pictures of B-Boys for the past 10 years, but, even for him, this underwater project was a first. “Breakdance is too fast for the eye,” he says. “It’s easier to capture it beneath the surface.” Cruz sported diving equipment during the pool shoot, and used hand signals to direct Chicago-born B-Girl Ladie One (left) and Sacramento-based VillN. “I was a sign-language expert by the end of it,” he says.

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