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The best quotes from Nicklas Bendtner… or a textbook case for self-confidence

“A threat to the collective:” With these words director Klaus Allofs justified striker Nicklas Bendtner’s release from training with his latest club, German outfit Wolfsburg.  But judging by past utterances, it’s likely the Dane saw himself a little differently.

Bendtner’s probable exit from VfL Wolfsburg is just another chapter in the footballer’s travel book through the landscape of European football. Largely unspectacular spells at Arsenal, Birmingham, Sunderland, and Juventus, followed by his expected Wolves departure, prompted one Danish newspaper to describe its compatriot as a “career clown”. 

However, the blonde ballplayer wasn’t as stingy with classic quotes as he was with his goals – there’s a reason there’s such a huge hype for the “Lord”.

“I want to be top scorer in the Premier League, top scorer at the World Cup and over the next five years I want to be among the best players in the world. Trust me, this will happen.”

Yes, Nicklas Bendtner has never lacked the necessary self-confidence. He came out with this sensational statement in November 2009 as he was crowned Denmark’s player of the year. With all the malice often gushed about the extrovert footballer, many forget the talent he possessed, but a great career never seemed to spark from its slumber.

Life lesson: Believe in yourself, even if no one else does

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“My body is my livelihood and I was desperate to find out if I was OK. So I took off all my clothes, even my pants, picked up a wing mirror that had come off the car and checked myself over, front and back. Then I climbed back into the car to find my phone. I rang the club to say I’d be late for training.”

This memorable monologue followed a Sunday morning incident in 2009 as the striker was on his way to Arsenal training. Bendtner was left badly shaken when he crashed his £120,000 Aston Martin. Though he first feared for his career, luckily he was only slightly injured.

Life lesson: You’ll experience set-backs and you’ll be left exposed. Pick yourself up and move forward

“Whether it’s tennis, badminton, football, whatever. I just go out there and think I can do it and most of the time I can.”

Bendtner’s boasts often make him a target for critics but one thing that always remains is an abiding faith in himself. And for any apparent flaws, he is adored by legions of fans. It is hard to find another footballer on the planet who inspires more Internet memes than the ‘Lord’.

Life lesson: You can excel in any field

“I have no regrets. I am who I am. Unfortunately too many people today want to be what others think they should be. I don’t think this is right.”

With a strategically placed bra in a picture on Instagram, Bendtner caused a stir in 2015, but as he later revealed in German newspaper BILD, he regrets nothing. You could never accuse the Danish international of conforming to expectations. 

Life lesson: Always be yourself. Unless you can be Nicklas Bendtner. Then be Bendtner

“It is wrong to compare my salary with a businessman. Compare it to movie stars instead.”

With this amount of self-confidence, some would say there’s a tendency towards arrogance. But honestly, what would the football world be like without guys like Nicklas Bendtner? Definitely a little less colourful. 

Life lesson: You’re worth it

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