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Pinned and Inked: Kriss Kyle

Words: George Marshall/Red Bull UK 
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Scotland’s BMX legend was 14 when he got his first tattoo, courtesy of his older brother 

Kriss Kyle lives a jet set life as a pro BMX rider, travelling the globe on filming trips or riding contests. He often documents a worthy trip or experience with a new tattoo, and as his air miles have racked up he’s accumulated an equally large number of tattoos.

Whereas most travellers buy a fridge magnet or a snow globe souvenir, Kriss prefers to get inked. 

Red Bull UK spoke to the Scottish BMX star about the story behind his growing tattoo collection. Read it the full interview here.  


Kriss Kyle

I got my first tattoo at 14

​My first tattoo was BMX on the top of my left arm. I was 14-years-old. My older brother bought a tattoo gun to tattoo his mates. Of course I wanted in on the action and didn’t want anything else apart from the word BMX. I was so stoked and proud of it. The next day at school I showed everyone, but I never showed my mum and dad.

kriss Kyle
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