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The ultimate England vs. Germany quiz

Words: JJ Dunning
Photo: Getty Images / Ben Radford / Staff

How much do you know about the greatest rivalry in International football? And is it even a rivalry? Take our quiz and find out

Did you know that England once beat Germany at men’s International football eight games in a row? At real, men’s International Association Football. Incredible, isn’t it?

Admittedly, those eight games took place between 1935 and 1966, when football was a much slower game. Slower, because the players were weighed down by several pints of Brylcreem, their enormous, hot air balloon-sized cotton shorts created enormous drag if there was so much as a breath of wind, and the balls were made of inch-thick elephant hide. But, still. Glory days to be an England fan.

Since 1966, however, it has been a tale of Teutonic supremacy. Out of 21 encounters, Germany have won 14 and England five, with two draws. When you look at it like that, it’s not much of a rivalry, really. In fact, the Germans, with all their World Cup wins and free-flowing sexy football, barely acknowledge it. It’s only in England, where we get hung up on the past and refuse to let go of the memory of our solitary World Cup win, or the heartaches of 1990, 1996 or 2010, that we consider it a clash of footballing titans. 

So how much do you know about England versus Germany over the years? And can you remember who went through when they both failed to get out of their group at Euro 2000? Take our quiz and see.

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