red Bull Foxhunt with Gee Atherton

Let the Hunt begin 

Photo above: Sam Needham / Red Bull Content Pool

This year’s Red Bull Foxhunt marked the 2nd ever all-female event as 150 amateur racers tried to outride the best downhill racer in the world, Rachel Atherton. In the men’s event, 400 amateurs took on her brother Gee. Watch the videos below. 

The hunters become the hunted at Red Bull Foxhunt, an innovative downhill pursuit challenge where amateur racers attempt to finish the race ahead of the fastest downhill racers in the world. This year, Gee Atherton had the honours of playing the fox in the men’s event, while Rachel Atherton took on 150 amateur racers in the all-female event. Starting 30 seconds after the rest, the goal is for the professionals to overtake as many racers as possible. 

Gee went on to finish 32nd out 364 finishers, while Rachel finished 35th out of 115 finishers. Watch the videos below and find out more information on Redbull UK

red Bull Foxhunt

Rachel Atherton catches up to the pack 

© Rutger Pauw / Red Bull Content Pool

Red Bull Foxhunt 2015 with Rachel Atherton 

red Bull Foxhunt with Gee Atherton

Gee Atherton overtakes at the Red Bull Foxhunt 2015 

© Grant Gunderson / Red Bull Content Pool

Red Bull Foxhunt with Gee Atherton 

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