Red Bull Storm Chase Judge Duncan Coombs

Duncan Coombs:
“You can train yourself to be brave”

Words: Andreas Rottenschlager
Photography: Sebastian Marko

The head judge at the Red Bull Storm Chase is convinced that it is possible to learn bravery

THE RED BULLETIN: You were an active competitive windsurfer for 33 years, and in 2013/14 you travelled the world with the best storm windsurfers for the Red Bull Storm Chase. Is it possible to learn bravery?

DUNCAN COOMBS: In my experience, bravery is very often innate. The craziest kids – the ones who’ll climb the tallest trees – will go on to become the bravest sportsmen and women.

But there must be ways of training yourself to be braver?

Absolutely. You have to learn to have faith in yourself.

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That’s more of a cliché than a piece of advice, though…

But it’s true. It’s very easy to start. Just get yourself up off the couch. Go on a bike ride. Learn to skate. Work your way up gradually.

“Ultimately, it always boils down to the same thing: developing a lust for life“
Boujmaa Guilloul

Safety measures: if a windsurfer (here: Boujmaa Guilloul) loses control during a jump, he hurls his board out of the way to prevent himself crash-landing on it

So you mean there’s a step-by-step programme for bravery? 

Exactly. Nothing will work if you don’t have faith in yourself. It doesn’t matter whether you’re surfing a storm, asking your boss for a promotion, or inviting a beautiful woman out on a date. Ultimately, it always boils down to the same thing: developing a lust for life.

Red Bull Storm Chase

A Force 10 Storm: 100 kph winds. Huge waves. Eight of the best windsurfers battling the elements.

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