Arjen Robben und Thomas Müller

The best moments from last night’s Champions League matches…

Foto: Michal Cizek/AFP/Getty Images

 … and how they can make your working day a lot better 

The UEFA Champions League is the best football tournament Europe has to offer, if not the best tournament in the world. Where else can you watch the world’s most talented players competing for the biggest clubs in the greatest stadiums? But did you know that you can also use what happens in a game to your advantage at work? Here are five examples of what happened last night, and how you can use them to inspire your day today. 

José Mourinho

Match: Maccabi Tel Aviv - Chelsea 0:4

Conclusion: Don’t be afraid to get stuck in with the rest and get your hands (or feet) dirty, even if you’re one of the top managers at your company. 


Match: FC Barcelona - AS Roma 6:1

Conclusion: Don’t take it to heart when someone tells you that you have two left feet – it could also be seen as a compliment!

Thomas Müller

Match: Bayern Munich - Olympiacos 4:0

Conclusion: Never forget to thank your colleagues for their contribution to creating something for you, especially when they don’t do it that often. 

Bernd Leno

Match: BATE Borisov - Bayer Leverkusen 1:1

Conclusion: Don’t let a mistake get you down. There is always time to make up for it and prove that you have what it takes! (Unless the other team doesn’t manage to have a shot on target for the rest of the match. Sorry Bernd!)  

FC Barcelona

Match: FC Barcelona - AS Roma 6:1

Conclusion: Don’t be disheartened about being a small cog in a bigger wheel. Without you that wheel would not function.  

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