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Fitness Tracker: The hottest things in health right now 

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From getting shredded in 21 days to Matcha green tea. These are the hottest things in fitness right now 

The ApP: Rhe 21-Day Shred

Sounds like another near-impossible get-fit promise, but, especially since a 2016 upgrade, this has fitness feats within the grasp of most of us: it’s hard but doable. Includes: rest days and realistic meal plans.

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The Fuel: Matcha

Swapping a latte for a green tea is an instant health boost – for a super-powered jolt, make it matcha. The verdant powder has more than 130 times the antioxidants of regular green tea, and the American Society for Nutrition found it helps burn body fat.

How to make it yourself 

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The Tech: Sensoria Smart Socks

Analysis of your most recent run directly from your feet. These socks relay info gathered from sensors to an anklet that connects via Bluetooth to your phone. Just make sure you put them on the correct feet: L is for ‘left’, OK?

Sensoria Smart Socks

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