Lionel Messi und Luis Suarez

7 crazy penalties 

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… and what they say about the penalty takers. From Lionel Messi to Johan Cruyff and the crazy guy that backflips his pens into the net 

Lionel Messi is taken down in the box and wins a pen. There’s an old piece of footballing wisdom that says the man fouled should never shoot himself. Messi seems to have taken heed of this as he squared his pen to Luis Suarez who happily slotted home to give Barca a 5-1 win against Celta de Vigo. 

To mark this impressive goal, we’ve dug through the history books to see whether it deserves to be an addition to the penalty Hall of Fame. One thing we’ve learned along the way: don’t swim the current, do something Beyond The Ordinary! Like a penalty with a backflip for example…


1. Lionel Messi/Luis Suarez

What it says about the player: Altruistic

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2. Johan Cruyff/Jesper Olsen

What it says about the player: Altruistic (but only when he gets the ball back)

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3. Zinedine Zidane (the best “Panenka” ever)

What it says about the player: Cool, relaxed, was probably good in geometry at school

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4. Theyab Awana

What it says about the player: Down to earth. He knows that taking a step back can be a step in the right direction

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5. Joonas Jokinen (the backflip)

What it says about the player: Flambouyant, likes to turn heads – literally

6. Ezequiel Calvente

What it says about the player: Trickster, a bit of a rascal, or just very ambidextrous 

© YouTube // Danny Nolan

7. Michael Palma (the lucky one)

What it says about the player: Lucky. Or extremely precise and a very good actor. But probably just lucky

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