The 11 craziest ways to play football 

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Bored of normal football? Then try something a little different. How about Footpool, Headis, Bossaball or Bubble Soccer? Find out more here!

Football is a simple game: 22 players on a pitch, trying to get the ball in the back of the net. Not anymore! Football can be way much more than that thanks to these funny, crazy and downright brilliant ideas. See for yourself and decide which one you’ll be trying out this weekend. 



1. Trampoline Football

Perfect for: Anyone who loves being the star of the team and impressing the crowds with cat-like agility and acrobatics. 

© Twitter//UberFootball

2. Underwater Soccer

Perfect for: Those of you that feel that the modern game is too fast. Instant replays in real time! 

3. Zorb Soccer / Bubble Football

Perfect for: Anyone looking to completely avoid personal contact with their opponents. 

© YouTube//devinsupertramp 

4. Football golf

Perfect for: Those who love an inch-perfect pass and hate running. 

© YouTube//Trans World Sport

5. Motorball

Perfect for: Speed freaks. If the beautiful game is too slow for you, then hop on your bike and get kicking. 

© YouTube//British Pathé

6. Footpool

Perfect for: Freestyle footballers with bags of tricks. Warning: Don’t try this on a normal pool table!  

© YouTube//UK Foot Pool

7. Electric shock football 

Perfect for: Sadomasochistic football fans or anyone who just wants to see their team put in a bit more effort on a Saturday afternoon.  

© YouTube // MrChillDrumDuBstep

8. Headis (header table tennis) 

Perfect for: Proving to your mum that you can use your head for something worthwhile. 

© YouTube // HeadisSports

9. Human Table Soccer

Perfect for: Table football professionals who just need to take it that little bit further. 

© YouTube // Thomas Hofer

10. Bossaball

Perfect for: Anyone who thinks that a mix of volleyball, football and gymnastics played on a bouncy castle with trampolines in the middle sounds like a good idea. 

© YouTube // Bossaball International

11. Swamp Soccer

Perfect for: If you like to play dirty and don’t care about the weather conditions, then welcome to your new favourite sport. 

© YouTube // ODN

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