The Mirrorcube: The Ultimate Treehouse Experience

Photography: Peter Lundström/WDO
Words: Arek Piatek

Want to really hang out on your holidays? In northern Sweden, you’ll find 64 cubic metres of style suspended among the branches

Possessed by that childhood dream of spending a night in the treetops, but craving a little more luxury than that provided by a hastily cobbled together assemblage of plywood boards and plastic sheeting? Then it’s off to northern Sweden with you. 

In the dense forests of Harads, 50km from the Arctic Circle, the Mirrorcube – part of the Treehotel, which has seven individually designed rooms – is a 4x4x4m glass cube floating in the treetops, and the only way in is via a 12m-long bridge.

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But you’ll have to rethink your idea of a treehouse. In actual fact, you can hardly see the Mirrorcube.

“The totally mirrored facade reflects the surroundings so the structure itself is barely visible,” says Treehotel co-founder Kent Lindvall. “That way it’s at one with the forest.” Which is a statement in itself. “Being close to nature and sustainability are important to us. The hotel guest should switch off, leave civilisation behind and remember where we come from.” 

The Mirrorcube

Escape room: the Mirrorcube treehouse in northern Sweden

The Mirrorcube has plenty of space for two, with the living room, bedroom and bathroom (and heated floorboards) all being made of birch wood.

The balcony and six windows offer breathtaking panoramic views – think stunning opportunities to marvel at the Northern Lights – and there’s a sauna just a few metres away, down on the ground.

And for those who aren’t all that serious about leaving civilisation behind, the Mirrorcube also has WiFi.

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