Die beliebtesten Sportarten der Welt - pro Land

The world’s most popular sports: What’s the No.1 sport in your country?

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What’s the most popular sport in Mongolia? What do they like to play in Peru? If these questions are keeping you up at night, then we have the answers 

What’s the most popular sport in the world? Football, of course! This theory has been backed up by some cold hard facts thanks to Sports Betting Online. The website tracked and analysed Google search behaviour over the course of a year. According to their data, football is without doubt the number one, coming up on top in a whopping 95 countries around the world. 

But what’s even more exciting than this “new” revelation about football is what tops the list in the many other countries on the planet. Have a look yourself below.

Did you know that:

  • South America isn’t as football crazy as we all thought. It tops the list in only ONE country on the continent.
  • Geocaching is the most-loved sport in TWO European countries?
  • Horse racing is the most popular sport in Japan?
  • Laser tag is the number one sport in a European country? 
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