Red Bull Kick-It 2016 - watch the round-up

This was Red Bull Kick-It 2016

Photo: SonStar/Red Bull Content Pool

They flew, they flipped, they kicked, and they broke a hell of a lot of wood. See how Red Bull Kick-It 2016 went down in this clip below

16 of the world’s best martial artists came together in Seoul on September 11th for this year’s Red Bull Kick-It, and they did not disappoint.

The freestyle kicking event is all about impressing the judges with the most gravity-defying jumps, jaw-dropping kicks and stunning moves that you would only expect to see in your favourite computer game. Fans were treated to the most entertaining tournament so far as the participants pulled out all the stops to get their hands on the crown.

The title went to Min Cheol Shin in the end, finishing ahead of Shim Yong Hoon and Bailey Payne, who came in 2nd and 3rd respectively.

Watch the best of the action below and don’t forget to tune into Red Bull TV on September 22nd, when you will be able to enjoy the event in all its glory in the re-live broadcast. 

Check out some of the best imagery from the event below

red Bull Kick-It 2016
red Bull Kick-It 2016

Winner Min Cheol Shin performing one of the moves that impressed the judges 

red Bull Kick-It 2016
red Bull Kick-It 2016
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