train your brain with this Nike App

Train your brain like a footballer with this Nike app

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You want to prepare yourself mentally for the next big game? Nike‘s football app gets inside the heads of players like Joe Hart, Cristiano Ronaldo, and Mario Götze with new features so you can do the same

Success in football is always a mix of physical and mental strength. You can train the latter any time thanks to the Nike Football app which now includes the tool “Nike Pro Genius”. Train like the professionals - whether in decision strategy, visualisation or self-motivation.

For every scenario there is an associated category inspired by some of football’s biggest names. Before training, before the match or in the action itself, these five interactive games will hone your mental skills, to match those with the ball. 

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An interactive training tool inspired by Cristiano Ronaldo and Kevin De Bruyne. Here the focus is on the decision-making ability of the player. Can they make the right decision as fast and as reliably as possible? Touching a finger on the smartphone screen over the icons “Press”, “Do not push”, “Press and hold” or “Press the side” is about training quickly and effectively. 

Counter attack 

Germany’s Mario Götze had a hand in this game. The Bayern Munich star, one of the most talented attacking players in the world, shared his insights on how to make those penetrating forward runs. The process? In various game scenarios, the user has to make a split-second pass decision. 


Developed with Jerome Boateng and Edinson Cavani, this tool trains players in their positioning on the pitch. Depending on where a cross will fall, smartphone users must make the choice between attack and defence. 


Poland’s deadly striker Robert Lewandowski provides the inspiration for this audio tool which helps aspiring players to visualise in-game scenarios before they happen. By doing so, footballers can train themselves to execute the same task when it really matters. On the pitch. 


England’s number one Joe Hart is a master of communication and he provided the insights around positive self-motivation to replace any negative thoughts in games and boost a player’s confidence. 

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