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Rally car sinks within seconds 

Photo: @tWorld / Red Bull Content Pool

Ott Tänak’s rally car sinks dramatically within seconds after crashing into a lake at Rally Guanajuato Mexico. Both the driver and co-pilot were able to escape 

Ott Tänak and his co-pilot Raigo Mölder had lady luck on their side recently: The Estonian and his co-driver were able to escape unhurt but shocked after wriggling out of their Ford Fiesta RS seconds before it disappeared beneath the surface.

How did it happen? The The M-Sport World Rally Team car rolled down a bank and into the water, coming to rest on the surface and the right way up. In less than 10 seconds Tänak and Mõlder were out of the car, which disappeared to the bottom of the lake in just 25 seconds.

This is how the drivers experienced the crash 

Tänak and his co-pilot had to react instantly 

“It was a downhill braking in the compression and something broke in the front right. The wheel was turning out and it dragged us to the edge of the road,” explained Tänak about the reasons for the crash. 

“When I saw the water and we rolled I told Raigo we had to move fast but that was all. I shouted that to him just before we went into the water.” 

Thanks to their quick thinking and staying calm in a very precarious situation Tänak and Mölder were able to escape unharmed. “If you are in a lake, close to the limit of your life and fighting for it, when you finally win that fight it’s an amazing feeling.” 

Here is how the fans saw the crash!

This perspective brutally shows just how little time the drivers had to get out of the car before it went under

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