Red Bull Barnstorming

Red Bull Barnstorming

Photography: Olaf Pignataro/Red Bull Content Pool

Watch this unedited POV clip to see how Paul Bonhomme and Steve Jones work together to fly in formation through an aircraft hangar at more than 160 knots (185 mph)

British pilots Paul Bonhomme and Steve Jones have become the first people in the world to fly planes in formation through a building, in one of the most exhilarating aviation feats ever seen. If you haven’t seen the video yet, then head over to to see the amazing flight in action. 

But what actually goes through the pilots heads as they are about to do the impossible? How often do they communicate with each other and just how cool are they in the cockpit? This unedited footage gives us a little insight into exactly that. Watch below. 

“Ultimately if we get it wrong we hit a building so pulling up and seeing Steve still there, there was a great sense of relief”
Paul Bonhomme
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06 2015

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